Grand Commandery News - November 2022

Grand Commandery of New Mexico

State News for November 2022


  SK James Overfelt, REGC


Sir Knights,

There is a chill in the air and in Albuquerque you can see snow on the crest, yes, winter is coming. This month’s message from the Grand Commander is more of a personal note than a formal article because of the winter weather and holiday mood. I like this time of year as it reminds me of family since my family always gets together for the holidays. It is a multi-generational tradition as my father always made it home during his many years in the military. We tend to eat the same food and do the same things, but instead of being boring it is comforting and familiar. I hope each Commandery has a Christmas Observance dinner that is as welcoming and comforting to the family of Sir Knights. The Christmas Observance is one of the three Christian Holidays the Commandery observes, along with Easter and Ascension. The Grand Commandery does not create video presentations to be used for the Christmas Observance like it has done for the Easter and Ascension Observances. The Christmas dinner is a time to gather with friends and family and share a meal. Short on the sermon and long on the company is the ideal Christmas gathering to me. I plan on attending the Christmas Observances in Farmington and Las Cruces as well as my home Commandery in Albuquerque and am looking forward to each one. If any Sir Knight is planning on visiting a Commandery, the Christmas Observance meeting is a good time. Each Commandery is a bit different. Albuquerque does not exchange presents but I know Farmington has a gift exchange because I received a large stuffed teddy bear one year, to everyone’s amusement. In the spirit of Christmas I gave it to one of the Beauseant to give to their grandchild.

December is installation month in the blue lodges. I’m in Grand Lodge District 6 around Albuquerque and will be helping with providing sword details for lodge installations in five lodges along with the Shrine. The sword detail the Commandery does is simple. A couple of Sir Knights march in with the officers to be installed and during the master’s obligation at the altar, they perform a sword salute before marching out. It is good advertisement for the Commandery and if you are going to be at an installation anyway it is a nice way to honor the incoming master.

Upcoming visitations:

Santa Fe Commandery, Santa Fe, November 8th

Order of the Amaranth Grand Court, Albuquerque Sheraton Uptown, November 10th

Pilgrim Commandery, Albuquerque, November 21st

Shiprock Commandery, Farmington, Christmas Observance, December 8th

Las Cruces Commandery, Las Cruces, December 12th


Other times and dates to make note of are the York Rite quarterly meetings for 2023:



RE Grand Commander                     James Overfelt              Jan 28, 2023    9 am in GLNM Library


The New Mexico York Rite quarterly meetings will be hybrid with the option to Zoom in.



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