The Order of the Silver Trowel


Many Grand Councils confer this honorary degree upon the Masters of a Council once installed or a Past Illustrious Master.  The purpose of the degree is to impress upon Illustrious Masters the importance of the office to which they have been elected and to lend dignity and additional honor to the office.

The Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of North Carolina, the proprietary right to this degree, having received authority to "use and extend it" from the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland in 1931.  An American Ritual was devised and Certificates of Authority to confer this degree have been issued to a number of Grand Councils in the United States.  The Certificate of Authority reiterates the proprietary status of N.C. to disseminate the degree.

This degree is known, alternately, as "The Degree of Thrice Illustrious Master", "The Order of the Silver Trowel" (that being its insignia), and the "Council of Anointed Kings" (that being its theme).

In New Mexico

The Order of the Silver Trowel is traditionally exemplified annually on the morning of the Annual Assembly of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of New Mexico. Any Installed or Past Illustrious Master of a Constituent Council in New Mexico or a recognized jurisdiction may apply and become a member. A petition is submitted accompanied by a one time life membership.